Banco ProCredit, with the mission to promote the sustainable development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the country in early 2012, launched its EcoCredit Green financing service. A service created to finance economic activities that positively impact the care of the environment through investments in Energy Efficiency (EE), Renewable Energy (RE) and Environmental Measures (MA).

The Bank aspires that its services and its Green Finance approach will encourage a more responsible attitude towards the environment by its clients. In addition, it seeks to encourage them to implement efficient technologies with the use of clean energy, or to use renewable sources such as: solar, wind, water, geothermal or biomass. These measures, in addition to reducing the progress of climate change, have positive effects on the performance of companies in terms of technology, productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.

All Banks belonging to ProCredit Group maintain a high level of awareness regarding the impact of their operations on the environment. ProCredit Banks have a focus on addressing the challenges posed by climate change and, therefore, the protection of the environment in its operations.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, ProCredit Group believes that environmental protection is primordial and we strive to contribute to the reduction of global warming in a permanent and active way.